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  • Sa'd al-Majlad
  • Description: I am a grateful warrior. I tend to spray spittle while speaking.
    Portrayal: I know many tips about swordplay and am glad to spread them, sometimes to the annoyance of my warrior friends. And I want to prevent the bad things happening to innocent people. I fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.
    Hook: Right now, I want to steal something but I know of a famous inventor out there that I'll find someday.
     I am conscious of my platinum blonde hair. I look glance. .
  • Skin color: Torab - mixed blue and black origin
    Clothes: Flowing wide-sleeved robe made of linen. It is colored vibrant cold viridian. Robe is decorated with intricate embroidery.
    Hat: misty fawn conical hat .
    Perfume: Dill and Meadowsweet.
    Additional Details: Kratosi made of Obsidian Artistic value: 130L,fake 3 feathers of Needle-billed Hermit ,Scratcher made of Porphyry Artistic value: 25L,shiny sardonyx jewelry - anklets
    Runes: Abstract Drawing on clothing on Neck,Death-Law Runes wooden chain on Right Foot

    Greeting: I am a slave of mighty Qusayma umm Najah, from the city of Kafeamoro . Who is your master, stranger?
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