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Fonritan Male persons. Appearance is based on Guide to Glorantha. Description from Campaign Logger 3 Line NPC generator. Names are based on various name lists with medieval Levant bent

  • Hamid al-Shu'ayb
    Description: I am a scatter-brain well digger. I spit indiscriminately.
    Portrayal: I take notes obsessively. And I believe history remembers the great, and you want to be remembered. I am loyal to my friends as long as they promise not to die and keep that promise.
    Hook: Right now, I want to pay back my friend but I'm a sucker for a pretty face.
     My cheeks are rosy. I don't care about my short neck
    Skin color: Blue skinned Veldang
    Clothes: Linen tunic. It is of vibrant cold prune. wraparound skirt colored rich cinnabar .
    Hat: ochra conical hat .
    Perfume: Seducing scent of Peppermint and Cypress .
    Additional Details: Very intricate embroideries on clothing,Tattoos
    Runes: Plant Rune tattoo on Neck,Beast-Death-Movement Runes on clothing on Right Foot,Abstract Drawing silver pin on Left Foot

    Greeting: I am a slave of mighty Hamid Abu Hammad, from the city of Hombori Tondo (on Kanem Dar) . Who is your master, stranger?
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