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Fonritan Male persons. Appearance is based on Guide to Glorantha. Description from Campaign Logger 3 Line NPC generator. Names are based on various name lists with medieval Levant bent

  • Malik Abd Shakir
    Description: I am a timid animal breeder. I sweat profusely.
    Portrayal: I'll bet on anything. And I was born to do this, so I will. I remember a child and that the child was important, but I can't remember why or who they were.
    Hook: Right now, I want to get healing for my grandparent but because of my words and actions, I often bring shame to my family.
     My eyes are shiny azure. I look searching
    Skin color: Blue/white skin
    Clothes: Flowing wide-sleeved robe made of linen. It is colored vibrant deep magenta. Robe is decorated with intricate embroidery.
    Hat: dim cinnabar turban with fake feather of Mustached Macaws and feather of Tourmaline Sunangel attached.
    Perfume: Intense fragrance of Grass (freshly cut grass and new mown hay).
    Additional Details: Ybos Gum made of Bone Artistic value: 213L
    Runes: Truth Rune wooden brooch on Face,Law Rune tattoo on Right Hand

    Greeting: We are slaves of Ompalam and his slave the Great Tond, whose power has enslaved even Dormal.
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