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Fonritan Male persons. Appearance is based on Guide to Glorantha. Description from Campaign Logger 3 Line NPC generator. Names are based on various name lists with medieval Levant bent

  • Najah Abd Aban
    Description: I am a childlike warrior. I am stooped and move slowly due to a bad back.
    Portrayal: I'm not prone to idle chatter, and prefer keeping to myself unless the topic's business. Hey, fate can play its game. I've got things I want to do. I'm secretly the ancestral guardian of an ancient tomb.
    Hook: Right now, I want money to buy something nice for my sweetie but I think I am better than other doctors, and other people in general.
     My life is complicated by being accused of being incapable of empathy. I am ashamed of my velvet voice. .
    Skin color: Blue skinned Veldang
    Clothes: Wool tunic. It is of vibrant shiny jade. wraparound skirt colored rich ruby .
    Hat: shiny charcoal turban with 2 feathers of Yellow-Collared Mini Macaws attached.
    Perfume: Intense fragrance of Yuzu.
    Additional Details: {!!ExtraClothingItem}
    Runes: Death-Fate-Truth Runes on clothing on Right Foot,Abstract Drawing tattoo on Left Hand

    Greeting: We are slaves of Ompalam and his slave the Great Tond, whose power has enslaved even Dormal.
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