Combat Flow for Mythras

Order of actions

Start of combat

Roll Initiative (Initiative Bonus + d10 - armor penalty) at start of combat only.

Start of Combat Round

Highest Initiative acts first (taking his turn).

Fatigue Check: Endurance roll or lose Fatigue level
CON 1-5 6-10 11-15 16-20
Combat Round: Every 2nd Every 3rd Every 4th Every 5th

Fatigue effect 78

Check if any spells or effects (from Special Effects or wounds etc) that are dependent on # of Turns launch or end

Check if any spells or effects (from Special Effects or wounds etc) that are dependent on # of Combat Rounds launch or end

Start of a Cycle in Combat Round
Attacker spends an Action Point if it can
Use Action Point for Proactive Action

Select Combat Action to make an Attack

Apply the situational modifiers

Note the Attack die roll and keep the result (it will be needed later).

Attacker loses Passive Block for the attacking weapon

Can do Free Action

Ranged Combat
If cannot use Action Point

Can do Free Action

Free Actions (Attacker and Defender)
Free Actions
  • Passive Blocking 93, 105
  • Assess Situation 93
  • Drop Weapon 93
  • Signal 93
  • Speak 93
  • Use Group Luck Point 81, 93
  • Use Luck Point 81, 93
Defender chooses whether to spend Action Point for Defense
Use Action Point for Reactive Action
  • Defender spends an Action Point to make a reactive action per threat, applies the situational modifiers and notes the Parry die roll and result. Any # of reactions can be made - once per threat
  • Counterspell 92
  • Evade 41, 103
  • Interrupt 92
  • Parry 93
No Action Point used for Defense

Treat as failed Parry

Passive Blocking (Ward Location) 93, 105

Can do Free Action

Compare Results
Compare Level of Success

Winner chooses Special Effect/s used

Special Effects by Purpose

Special Effects as lists with details

Compare damage

If the chosen Special Effect is not Choose Location, roll to determine what Hit Location has been hit

If the Attacker succeeded roll damage and apply Damage Bonus if any

If the Defender did Passive Blocking 93, 105 on the Hit Location that Attacker hit reduce damage

If the Defender succeeded reduce damage more

See how much of the (reduced) damage penetrates any armor and protective magic worn

End of Cycle in Combat Round
  • If the opponent is still there and willing to fight repeat with another Cycle in the Combat Round until both sides run out of Action Points
  • When everybody is out of Action Points - start another Combat Round
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